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Salman Khan is set to shoot the Bigg Boss 14 premiere episode on October 1.

It was reported that Bigg Boss is set to go on air from Sunday, October 4. Usually, the premiere episode is shot a day in advance so that the identity of the contestants can be kept under wraps. However, these are unprecedented times and hence they will be shooting three days in advance.


According to an Indian Express report, the season will be themed around the coronavirus lockdown. The report quoted a source as saying, “Throughout the lockdown, people have missed certain activities, be it shopping, eating out or watching films. As part of the luxury tasks, contestants would be able to win a chance to enjoy these in the Bigg Boss 14 house. As Salman Khan said in the teaser videos, this would be a befitting reply to 2020.”

Bollywood: Salman Khan kicks off Bigg Boss Season 14 by mopping the floor, a reflection of the new normal

A recent statement by Colors TV, released alongside a picture of Salman mopping the floor, said, “Salman says everyone is bored of shuttling between home and work. But not to phikar as life is about to change with Bigg Boss’s power-packed entertainment coming for their rescue.”

Bigg Boss 14 New Promo: Salman Khan says, Bigg Boss paltega 2020 ka scene – News Lagoon

The reports say that contestants will be given luxuries that they used to enjoy in pre-COVID times, such as visits to the mall, watching movies in the theatre, and going to restaurants. A recently released promo for the new season showed Salman sitting in a movie theatre. He said in a voiceover, “Ab scene paltega.”

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