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Kusum Media Creation Pvt. Ltd is excited to declare the release of the new music video “Timi Bina” by Ruben Awale, which is available in the YouTube channel “Glammandu”

To pass through pains and ongoing misery, he tries diverting his mind through his piled-up works. But nothing seems to work as her past keeps haunting him everywhere he goes. No matter how hard he tries to dissolve in the present, he fails. After losing oneself to a pint of drink, He believes to bid her a farewell.

With the melodious voice of Ruben Awale, “Timi Bina” features Milan Khadka and Reetu Poudel as the main lead.

“Timi Bina” is a melodious tragic love song. The concept of this painful misery love story has been crafted by young director ROHSIK.  The melody of this song has been handed by Soul Sound with the guitar works of Joel Moktan,

Supriya Maharjan Sapkota is the production manager of this official music video. Keshav Rokka is handling media coordinator of this project.

The video is uploaded in the link below:

Kusum Media Creation Pvt. Ltd looks forward to work hand in hand with the entire media community.

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