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The New Barber || Tale of Inspiration – कथा प्रेरणाको ||

Every empire has a story behind it. Well, here we have the story of a person who took up the courage to break the stereotype of barbering in Nepal.

The New Barber is not only about hair cutting or shaving, it’s about the whole culture behind & Change,
because it’s about time.

Nepal is full of opportunities. All you need is to be skilled enough to grab them. ” – Mr. Sonam Sherpa

Show: Tale of Inspiration – कथा प्रेरणाको

About the show:

Tales of Inspiration -कथा प्रेरणाको brings the inside story of people who never gave up on their dreams and let things happen their way. A person who had the courage to dream and turn it into reality. Let’s get inspired by their tales of inspiration.

In frame:

Mr. Sonam Sherpa

Founder of The New Barber

Behind the frame:


Supriya Maharjan Sapkota 

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